Prosperity and Accessibility


We try to balance the need to be justly compensated for our labour 

with our commitment to making our work available to people of all economic levels.


Sliding Scale Fee Structure 

In our work as witches, healers, edgewalkers and so on, we are committed to anti-capitalist values. We reject the notion that wealth = worth. We commit to this work as our sacred duty and while we do not seek to profit from it the fact is that organizing and teaching takes a lot of energy, human hours, and all kinds of labour in between. It also has hard costs that we cannot magick away or trade for goods and services. We wholeheartedly offer a sliding scale from $250-$450.

Under capitalism and all of its branches, we are conditioned to have a certain kind of understanding and relationship to concepts of wealth and concepts of scarcity. Under capitalism, we are encouraged to be avoidant in self-reflection around our privileges. This comment is not intended to shame, but rather to acknowledge the reality that we are not taught to engage with these topics in an authentic way.


It is our hope that in contemplating these categories of financial stability, you will have a better understanding of where you are situated on our sliding scale and will commit to paying within the appropriate range.


Budget and Context 

To date, Aurora Borealis has run off of modest seed money from an event we hosted with Starhawk in 2014. What has come in as camp tuition goes directly to food and location costs. ABWC has managed to assist with some travel costs and accommodations for teachers, however, to date teachers have not been compensated for their work. Aurora Borealis has no paid staff, and all organizing is done as volunteer work.

Our average registration fees have been below our true cost each year. In addition, we give out at least one full and several partial scholarships each year. We love our work and are proud of the generosity and prosperity we have been able to share with our communities. However, as it stands this is not a sustainable format.


We seek to nurture healthy financial practices for ABWC now and into our collective future. A cost of $350 per camper is what we believe will allow ABWC to be sustainable.  This includes a percentage towards our Accessibility fund, which will be used for scholarships. A small portion is labelled Legacy fund, which goes towards next year's camp.

A $50 deposit with registration will go towards your camp fees, and allow us to make necessary purchases leading up to camp.



 Any campers who are able to share a portion of their garden produce or ethically raised meat are welcome to donate to our kitchen. Planning well in advance makes community menu planning easier! Send us an email at to plan contributions.




The Raffle is a Reclaiming tradition that is a fun way to show your community spirit and keep camp sustainable. Here’s how it works:

Bring an item to give away. This could be something special you no longer use, maybe something you made, magical items you are no longer using, beautiful scarves or altar cloths, books, tarot decks, jewellery, etc. Please bring your item to camp or contact us to arrange for pick-up prior to camp.

Raffle tickets will be sold during mealtimes and you can deposit your name into the envelope beside the item you’d like to win. So please bring some cash with you to camp!

Witches Market

The Witches Market is available for anyone who is a vendor and would like to have their goods for sale at the Aurora Borealis Witch Camp.  If you have something you’d like to share with the world, this may be a good place to do so.


  • Vendor or their representative MUST be a registered camper.

  • Vendors are responsible to set up their table, handle any money exchange and tear down their table at the end of the camp.

  • There will be 1 table available for each vendor. These tables are set up inside the main facility. If you want more space, there is plenty of outdoor space available to set up a your own tent and tables.

  • Vendors have the option to leave a money box at their table if left unattended – honor system is alive and well.

  • There will be a fee of 10% of proceeds per vendor for this event. 

We would be so grateful if each vendor would be willing to donate ONE ITEM for the Witch Camp Raffle…Thank-you!!


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