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Aurora Borealis  is currently in the fourth year of a five year commitment to the elements. 2017 takes us to Water. Our camp intention:

With reverence to the sacred waters around us and within us,
we heal ourselves, our communities and the waters of this land.

We stand in solidarity with indigenous water protectors and echo
the call, “Water is Life”. We are learning to be allies and accomplices
in this sacred healing work.

Water is life, in all of it's forms. How can we relate to and with water to mutually support abundant futures for all of life on Earth? What can we learn from Water that will help us in the work we do to ensure beauty, balance, and delight in the world we envision for future generations? 


We consider:


Ourselves as the Chalice: We are the vessels holding the water of life. Our tears, blood, sweat, and fluids of our sex are holy. Our bodies mimic the body of the Earth. Our veins like rivers. Water is blood. How do we hold and enact this task with accountability?


Ourselves as the Sacred Spring: We are born to be wild and free and to nourish a world thirsty for the sacred.

Water may be underground, overground, shaped by wolves and other creatures. A babbling spring is playful while a geyser tense and surprising. How do we continue to spring and flow and move without getting stuck, stagnant, sour? What can we learn from the way water behaves in different circumstances?

Ourselves as the Ices: We store emotions and dreams in our bodies. These crystal visions stay safe and frozen until the time is right to share.

As individual and as community: Slowing down in temperature, in thought, in process. Allowing a deep freeze. Anticipating the thaw. How do we know when to rest, when to slow down? How do we step carefully on the ice?

Ourselves as Waters of the Worlds: coming together to bless the land. We make offerings of ourselves to protect water and bless the descendants. All water is connected, all bodies are connected. How do we connect all bodies of water and all bodies in times of great need? Water is life and all life is sacred. How do we cherish and sustain these connections for justice?


Theme 2017 : Water
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